How $10 a month changed my life

You may be wondering how $10 a month could change anyone’s life and I would be thinking the same thing. It’s a fact that $10 doesn’t buy a whole lot in today’s world.

It can buy a well worth membership though!

All growing up staying in shape was easy for me because how active I was. I grew up on a cattle ranch moving pipe, stacking hay, building fence and doing everything else my parents could come up with.

I also played every sport they offered in High School which was baseball, basketball, and track and field.

People would always say to me… Wait tell you’re a little older, it won’t be as easy to stay in that good of shape.

Of course, I was in high school, thinking I was invincible, and it would never happen to me.

I wish I could say I was right…

I’ve never really moved much in weight, but I have lost a good deal of muscle and replaced it with more fat than I would like.

Since I’ve been married, and my wife is a dang good cook, I’ve now had to become more mindful of what I eat and how I take care of myself.

Now I know a lot of you just said to yourself… Yeah, no kidding!

Let’s be honest, it’s a lot easier for most of us to gain fat than it is to gain muscle…

Since March of 2017 I have been working in the insurance industry focusing to get my own business up and going. I do spend a lot of my time and energy focused on this task and not as much time and energy on myself.

We all have this reality as we are working, taking care of family and everything else that comes with it…

Over these years I have tried to exercise when I can, try to eat good foods and be mindful overall of my health.

It was working too… It was only enough to maintain my size but wasn’t working to gain and keep muscle or burn fat which is what I was after.

My junior and senior baseball coach said something that has stuck with me to this day… Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good!

I’ve hung on to that saying over the years and something I say to myself quite often.

I wanted to feel that again. I wanted to Look Good, you know that kind when you look in the mirror and you think, dang I’m bringing it today. I wanted to Feel Good, we all know this feeling. We feel like we could accomplish the world in that moment, and we are invincible. And I wanted to Play Good. Having confidence in knowing that you can go out each day and strive for your goals and dreams.

Now I read a lot of books that are motivational, help with mindset, self-improvement and all the other good stuff. In there they always talk about, early to bed and early to rise, exercise daily, read a book at least 30 minutes a day if not one hour a day, stretching, writing goals morning and night, and all the other stuff.

It all kept hitting me deep, “Jared, you need to start taking this exercise serious and taking care of yourself”. Then I would find excuses, “yeah but I don’t want to spend the $10 a month for a gym membership, and so many others” … I found I didn’t enjoy at home workouts and in the winter it’s to dang cold for outside.  Also, what if I don’t go, now I just waisted $10 that I could have used in my business for marketing or something else”.

I KNOW you’ve thought this same thing…

Then you say this, “Plus I would have to go super early in the morning, I don’t like waking up that early”.

You know it’s true. You’ve hit the snooze and go back to bed, or… Never bought the membership or your own equipment for home…

I had this conversation with myself over and over and over and over and over for YEARS…

In December of 2019 I finally changed the conversation in my head…

I stared asking myself, “Jared Do you really want to Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good”? The answer happened to be yes because I was tired or wanting it and not feeling it.

Do you know the worse part of the whole thing…? I don’t notice the $10 a month… That’s how small it really is.

I have noticed how much more confident I am about myself, how much I enjoy waking up at 5:00am in the morning to conquer my day and strive to be better. I have noticed how much more energy I have.

Creating the habit is the right start I’ve needed.

On top of this I have worked on my mindset about myself. I don’t look in the mirror mad about how I don’t look. I think about how I want to look and feel so my body can make that happen.

You need to be positive about yourself, don’t focus on your weight because you will only gain more weight. Instead focus on feeling good, what you want to look like and feel like. Close your eyes every day and picture that, feel it and then make it happen.

Health is important and I’m glad I finally am working towards getting over the hurdles that were holding me back.

You truly can Look Good, Feel Good, and Play Good every day of your life!